Friday, October 23, 2015

TGIF Fun Facts

Since we last talked, a lot has changed. Alright, maybe just one major thing: we moved. So instead of just adjusting to life with two little G's, now we are in a totally different setting.

I asked my mother the other day, when I would stop feeling frazzled, when I could actually take a breath and relax. "Oh, when the girls are in school," she said. This led to more hyperventilating, "You mean in 4 years?! I have to wait 4 years to relax?!"

So, in that spirit, I am going to kick off my return to blogging with random statements said in no particular order, aka "fun facts." Let's hope for all of our sakes that my writing becomes more coherent in the upcoming days, weeks, months, YEARS, you know when I can actually relax.

1. We are kind of potty training now. I say kinda because I still don't want to and G is not totally there yet. But it does provide interesting dinnertime fodder. Like she wanted me to read her 'Curious George and the Chocolate Factory' while she tried to poop on the potty today.

2. When we were going through our moving/selling/kitchen remodel hell, we lost all standards. Chocolate shake for dinner? If it will make you not run around the restaurant like a crazy person, awesome! And you want to dip asparagus in the shake, all the better! That makes me feel better about myself even though I think it's gross. Yes, that happened. And it was G by the way, though I was getting close to that point since I was 9 months pregnant, due the next day, and not allowed in my house. Any rules about food we had, we abandoned for sheer survival. And you know what, we all did survive. We are slowly making our way back to normalcy and it's tough. We are trying to instill a 'no snacks after dinner' rule and if anything, it's making G a big breakfast eater. I think she ate 4 eggs this morning.

3. I now have a gas oven and I am in love. However, I did spend the first week burning everything. I'm sorry, Angie, but the lovely crisp you made was truly a crisp. I did dig out the bottom layer and that was delightful.

4. I also have drawers in my bathroom. Lots of drawers. And some cupboards. And a linen closet. I could live in my bathroom. I didn't have drawers for the last 6 years. This is a big deal people!

5. My book comes out in 2 weeks! I am so excited to finally share it with people, and to have my own copy as I was tired of having to look up my recipes on my computer or find one of the random index cards that I use for documenting. And I realize that I probably should have a better filing system. Maybe in 4 years....

6. On the subject of books, I went a month with no cookbooks. I have my books back and it's like hanging out with old friends. Is that sad? Anyone who says that cookbooks are going to be replaced by the internet has not found their true cookbook soul mate...and will not be invited to my book signing.

7. G and I have started doing Hip Hop Abs together, but she calls it Hop Hop Adam. I have a brother in law named Adam and apparently, she is referring to him. Can I just express he looks and acts nothing like Shaun T? She's a helluva trainer. I tried to do a different workout, and she was so relentless about dancing to 'Hop Hop Adam' that we eventually changed workouts. "Come on Mama, let's dance." It's a highlight of my day, but I am afraid she is going to show off my moves in a public setting.

8. I was so worried about selling out to Disney for Halloween that I didn't realize until too late that we sold out to another major corporation: G is going to be Bugs Bunny, my husband is going to be Michael Jordan from Space Jam aka he is going to wear a Toon Squad jersey, and G2 is going to be a carrot. 

9. Are we the only people who watch Space Jam on a regular basis? We have decided we are going to judge our new neighbors based on how they react to the costumes. If they recognize it, we will be friends. If they think it is cool, they have an automatic invite to dinner.

10. This weekend, my husband and I have our first no kids outing together. Unless you count furniture shopping, but we both hate furniture shopping, so that doesn't count. I'm excited to feel like a grown up for a few hours and it's even for a good cause. We are going to the Gio's Garden Gala, it's a non-profit you need to know about, so go check them out: Gio's Garden!

Happy Friday everyone!

Tell me a random fact about your week. I'd love to hear it. And I promise to be back to you with something useful next time.