Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun Facts Friday: Pre-G Birthday Edition

TGIF! And TGIS- Thank Goodness It's Summer!

We are finally having some nice summer weather in Madison. Here are the fun facts for today:

1. G's big 2nd birthday party celebration is on Sunday. Even though I simplified my menu, I still feel like I am spending a lot of time prepping for meals. My parents are coming in to help (thank goodness), but they seem to think lunch is an actual meal. On weekends, we have a tendency to just alternate between snacking on carrots and hummus or egg whites and salsa. Not surprisingly, we also have a tendency to have an early dinner.

2. Because my parents both have an unlimited sweet tooth, I made these to put in the freezer.

They looked much better on Pinterest. Frozen bananas taste like ice cream so I am hoping they taste better than they look. I made sure to sample all of the ingredients and if the sum is equal to the parts, we are in a good shape. 

3. G has started calling me Big Mom. It's not as cute as it sounds.

4. In other G news, my toddler loves radishes. Isn't that weird? We got some in our CSA and I cut them up to keep in the fridge. On a whim, I gave some to her with some carrots and hummus. She devoured them and kept asking for more. It wasn't until my thirties that I could even tolerate radishes. Wonders never cease. Just goes to show that you can never tell what your kiddo might like.  

5. Sometimes I wish I didn't read labels. I really wanted to just buy some poppyseed dressing to make coleslaw (for my parents' lunch). But every bottle found had sugar as the first or second ingredient. One of them even had high fructose corn syrup as the first ingredient! I just couldn't buy it. I have a recipe that I made for the cookbook that's super easy. It does contain sugar, but at least I know how much is in there. It came together pretty easy and just goes to show that it is really simple to make your own dressing. But sometimes even I am a little cranky about it.

6. I did not make one to-do list this week and it felt amazing. In addition, I got a ton done. I may be done with to-do lists forever.....

7. We went to the pool yesterday and I have a feeling, our summer is going to look a lot like this:

8. So, if you were at a party and they served mini cupcakes (in addition to brunch), would you eat more than one? My mother is convinced that each person will eat 2 or 3 mini cupcakes. Did I mention my parents both have a huge sweet tooth? This is the same woman who also convinced me that I needed to also serve coffee cake. Two coffee cakes.

That is it for this week. Enjoy the summer weekend!


  1. I bet your banana bites will taste delicious!
    As someone with a raging sweet tooth, I'd probably have two mini-cupcakes :/
    Glad you and G had fun at the pool! That will hopefully be a similar view of mine this summer.

  2. I would totally eat two mini cupcakes... and some coffee cake!