Monday, May 2, 2016

What My Baby is Eating: 7-8 Months

Life is a little different when you have your second child.

I started this blog when I started feeding my first daughter, G, solids. I was so excited about everything related to baby food. I read all the books, I did all the research. I wrote a freaking cookbook.

And now G2 is eating solids. Things feel a little different this time around.

Yes, I am still making all of her food. Yes, I am still loving watching her taste foods for the first time.

But God has a sense of humor.

He gave the cookbook writer a very challenging eater and made her doubt everything she thought she knew.

He must have known I was at wit's end because finally, FINALLY, G2 is actually ingesting food.

On her own terms, of course.

The only way I can get her to eat anything puree like is smeared on strips of bread which she must put in her mouth (and throw on the floor). But then she lets me give her small pieces of food like a bird.

Now, that she's finally eating, I want to start an old series on this blog from my G days.

What My Baby is Eating: 7-8 months

Strips of bread with applesauce, yogurt, or a thin layer of nut butter  (pb or almond butter)
String cheese: I break off small pieces and give it to her- it dissolves easily in her mouth
steamed pears
steamed sweet potatos
strips of ripe banana
Cold spaghetti noodles
pieces of burger (turkey basil, pork and apple, and beef so far)
slow-cooked enchilada chicken
banana blueberry bread
Paleo pancakes (I make them and freeze them, I leave them a little frozen when I give them to her)
Pieces of cheddar jack, very small pieces
whole wheat tortilla and hummus

That's what she is eating. What is your LO eating these days?